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  • Niloc Pagen

    Niloc Pagen was born in 1960 in Heerlen and spent the biggest part of his life abroad. He travelled through all five continents and got inspired by different cultures. Niloc Pagen became famous because of his fiberglass pop-art sculptures. His goal is to delight us with his cheerful, colorful and modern designs. With his colorful modern art he wants us to see the bright side of life. Trough simple forms and bright colors the objects seem to burst with energy and joy. His objects are all painted by hand and signed.

  • Jacqueline Schäfer

    Jacqueline Schäfer lives and works in Amsterdam. There she graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in 1989. Up until then painting was mainly something she kept to herself and did not share with many others. For her it was a means to express herself. When she realised it was also a means to communicate, painting became something more, something bigger. Her studies stimulated her to find a language of shape that suited her. She discovered her own style and has developed it through the years. Her work can be identified by the playful composition of clear shapes, bright colours and clearly defined, black contours that result in harmoniously coloured planes. She uses figurative, but non-realistic images. She creates a world where her figure shapes are easily recognisable and where they belong.
    The themes in her paintings range from happy, strange and imaginary birds to static and sober still-lifes and female nudes. Particularly the last category represents the artist’s own feelings and moods, to such an extent they can almost be considered self-portraits. Since 2004 the artist has been transforming her strange birds into statuettes; a challenge she has developed in addition to her painting. All of her work clearly expresses Schäfer’s evident and positive love of life in a complex, modern society.

  • Gertruud Hartog
  • Jacky Zegers

    Jacky Art by Jacky Zegers

    Jacky Art is a collection of cheerful art images designed by the Dutch artist Jacky Zegers, born in 1972. Jacky started painting in 1999 and 5 years later she began her passion for creating colorful objects. What started as a hobby in addition to her job as a mathematics teacher, has become her profession since 2006. The art of Jacky Zegers clearly shows her love for animals and bright colors. Her inspiration comes especially from nature which reflects on her out spoken and distinctive objects. This is because animals and flowers often have unusual shapes and colors. ‘I will never be able to exceed nature and that is a good thing, because where should I then get my inspiration from?’ All objects of the Jacky Art Collection are hand painted and signed.

  • Mia Coppola

    Mia Coppola was born on October 18th, 1977. She developed her own artistic skills through love and sense for colour and shape. What once began as the design and painting of ceramics and clay has evolved into the modelling of feminine forms and other beautiful sculptures. In combination with bright colours this resulted into a collection filled with cheery objects that beautified a lot of homes already.