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The Kiss KL21 – Gustav Klimt


The ornamental facade seems to hide a pure, almost esoteric feeling of felicity. Height 19 cm.


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Gustav Klimt (1862-1918)

The Kiss (1908)

The Kiss is considered to be Gustav Klimt’s most significant work of art – a world-renowned icon of love. It was created in the years 1907-1908, a time described as Klimt’s golden phase. The distinct use of golden colours is probably one of the reasons for the unchanging popularity of this motif throughout the years.
In the opulent works of his “Golden Period” figurines and ornaments are melting to become compositions of unique sensuality. Secession”, combines the various movements of the international Art Nouveau in his splendid paintings and thus becomes one of the most important representatives. Beyond all temporal and spatial bounds his most famous painting “The Kiss” is considered the “Allegory of Love” as such.

The ornamental facade seems to hide a pure almost esoteric feeling of felicity, portrayed in a classical manner, nestling in a bed of flowers. In accordance with the Jugendstil tradition, these lovers appear to be detached from the world. An impression that is reinforced by the application of shades of gold and gold leaf.